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The Climate Stick Project exists to help you (and millions of others like you) work together to end the burning of carbon and redirect resources to support conservation and green energy production.

We all need to work at the grass roots level to talk about climate change. Our work is to explain the climate problem to as many people as possible using the Climate Stick.

Scientists, engineers, business people and politicians will need to do important things. We individual citizens must build the will to force the needed change away from our dependence on fossil fuels and plastic.

We suggest that you learn the basic story of the Climate Stick by clicking Learn About the Climate Stick below.

If you already know enough to want to help with the Climate Stick Project, please click on the Support the Climate Stick button below.

When you are ready (after reading and feeling comfortable talking about the facts of the Climate Stick) we hope you will click Create your own Climate Story so that you can create a climate story that makes you feel comfortable talking about climate change.

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The reason the Climate Stick exists is to help build a mass movement of people to stop the burning of carbon for humans to get energy for the processes that support modern life on our planet. The green grass represents the grassroots movement that will change our current politics, one that is now controlled in large part by the economic power of the fossil fuel industry. The Climate Stick is the tool that helps make talking about the climate crisis everyday an easy thing to do for the great majority of people (the grassroots) who are not climate scientists, hard core environmentalists or political actors. Many people are already part of the grassroots movement to end the burning of carbon and the Climate Stick can become, with your help, a symbol (similar to the the Peace Sign) of the movement to create sustainable societies not dependent on the burning of fossil fuels. The Three Finger Salute allows people to say “I’m with you in fighting for a sustainable climate” and when half a stadium gives this sign we will be well on our way to building our mass movement.