Our Impossible Dream

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Our Impossible Dream is that we need 50, or more, deep geothermal plants by 2030!

The reason for the need for 50 or more standard deep geothermal plants in the US by 2030 is that the common wisdom of “we can make the needed changes from carbon burning with wind, solar and conservation by 2050” is just plain wrong. The elimination of burning carbon needs to be well on its way by 2030 not 2050, if not completed. An Impossible Dream you say. Not for us.

Our Impossible Dream improves the mission of the Climate Sick Project in the following way:

In addition to the Climate Stick being a symbol of the mass movement to end the burning of carbon and general support for green energy, and its function as a teaching tool, the following third activity is added: to promote the design, funding and construction of at least 50 standard deep geothermal plants in the US by 2030.

When 500 people have signed on to supportthe Impossible Dream, and 40 of these people could invest with a VC (Venture Capital) Firm, then we will then work with the VC Firm as they define the companies that will construct the deep geothermal plants. Your grassroots work on using the Climate Stick helps this important contribution to ending carbon burning. The VC Firm exists, but until we have a working relationship with them, naming it is premature.