Simple Climate Stick Facts (Green Up)

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When you wear or show the Climate Stick and someone asks you about it, here is the simplest story:

The Green is CO2 at 275 parts per million (ppm) which was the amount in the atmosphere for 800,000 years before the Industrial Revolution started (about 1804 when our population reached one billion). Average Earth temperature of 55°F.

The Black is the additional CO2 humans have put into the atmosphere in about 200 hundred years reaching 414ppm May 2019. Average temperature 56.6 °F.

Yellow is the amount of CO2 that will be be added by burning additional carbon (causing a temperature increase to 58.6°F) in 15 to 25 years. As we approach the Red the heat will end our ability to grow food. There are only six years left to stop adding more CO2 and to begin to rapidly reduce its presence in our atmosphere.

The Yellow line in the black is 350ppm which is the maximum CO2 that a “regular” climate needs.

We hope that your accepting of a Climate Stick tells us that you are a member of the mass movement to end the burning of carbon and a supporter of conservation and sustainable energy production.

If you can say “I am extremely concerned about the climate problem and want to be a Climate Stick Supporter” then please click here:

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