Our Impossible Dream

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Overview and Timeline

Using the Climate Stick to promote Our Impossible Dream involves learning for each of us. Get your Climate Stick Story down so you are comfortable telling it. Use this web-site for information. Start with friends and family. Wear it at events where people are assembled to work on community events.

Study and understand the five phases of Our Impossible Dream. Add this to you Climate Stick Story.

There are 5 phases to the Dream

Foundation (Phase 1)

The first activity is to get 500 people to sign up as supporters (people who sign up, use the Climate Stick and donate from $20/year to $5,000/year for three years). The second to determine if there are 40 people who would invest (NOT DONATE) $30,000 when the VC Firm creates businesses that bring the 50 geothermal plants into existence by 2032.

Contact (Phase 2)

As the goal of 500 supporters reaches 200 we will begin formal contact with the VC Firm to learn what it takes for them to assist us in determining a joint plan to implement the Dream.

Expansion (Phase 3)

As we discuss with the VC Firm, we will continue to use the Climate Stick to help the public use the science available about Climate Change to build the movement to end carbon burning and also to add additional supporters (and possible investors).

Formal Agreement

Determine Relationship (Phase 4)

The details of the relationship between the Climate Stick and the VC Firm will be worked out, the Climate Stick will continue with its educational efforts, and the VC Firm will create the necessary activity of founding the companies that will create, define and construct the 50 geothermal plants. Any $30k investors will be invited to provide funds for those efforts.

Execution (Phase 5)

The VC Firm will be in the process of creating and monitoring investment opportunities leading to the companies that create the 50 geothermal plants. Those companies will design, site, build, and administer the 50 geothermal plants.