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What is the Climate Stick Project, Inc.?

The Climate Stick Project, Inc. is a Michigan non-profit corporation that exists to educate people about the harm from the burning of fossil fuels and to support conservation and the development of sustainable energy.

What is a Climate Stick?

The Climate Stick is a teaching tool that helps with the education needed to eliminate fossil fuel burning, achieve sustainable energy production and conserve energy in these ways:

  • The physical Climate Stick is marked so that the increase in the amount of CO2 in the earth’s atmosphere from human activity is displayed for use in discussions about climate change
  • A pendant or pin version of the Climate Stick (made of plant material) is used to communicate a person’s membership in the mass movement to end the burning of carbon
  • Climate Stick pendants, pins and apparel are sold to support the educational activities of the Climate Stick Project.

Where does the “6 Years” description of the time we have left to fix our problem of burning carbon come from?

Bill McKibben’s article, Winning Slowly is the Same as Losing, presents a graphic image which shows that if we can stop the increase in CO2 in the atmosphere by 2025, and rapidly reduce the CO2 from that point on, we have a chance to avoid the terrible consequences of reaching an 3.6°F temperature increase since 1800. 2025 minus 2019 gives 6 years. This does not mean our species will go extinct in 6 years, it means that we have a modest chance of avoiding a 3.6°F temperature increase by 2040. If not, life gets increasingly difficult, and we could be facing extinction as soon as the middle to late 2030s.

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