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There are many events that people concerned about climate change attend that are not directly about climate change (environmental, community, and entertainment). Wearing Climate Sticks, or having a Climate Stick Table, can cause people to ask about the Climate Stick. While the Climate Stick and card can be quickly handed out, for those interested in more information before going to the Website, the Street Info handout is available. You can print you own from the information below and use the Climate Sticks that we have sent you to engage with interested people.

Printing these files and assembling them in this order produces the Street Info Handout.

Page One (Front Page)

Page Two (Back of Page One)
More on the Climate Stick

Page Three
Sustainability Stool

Page Four (Back of Page Three)
Sustainability Stool Second Page

Page Five
Mass Distribution Blue Climate Stick Shirt

Page Six (Back of Page Five)
Why is it hard to talk about Climate change?

Full Booklet
Print all as one document

These pages can be printed one sided or two sided to save paper.

In addition, you could print out the Donation By Important Work form and have people fill it out when they tell you they want to be Supporters. If they do not choose to Donate on-line then you will need to mail us their legibly filled out form.