Get Involved

Use the steps below to make the Climate Stick helpful to you in effectively dealing with the terrible effects of climate change now, not in ten years when it may be impossible to prevent our extinction. It assists with TALKING CLIMATE every day, which is what is needed to break the socially constructed cone of silence about climate change.

Step 1. Join our mass movement

  • Determine if you believe that Climate Change will very negatively affect you, your children and your grandchildren. Not sure? See Winning Slowly Is the Same as Losing
  • Decide that you are a member of the mass movement to end the burning of carbon, and a supporter of alternative sources of green energy. Make the decision!
  • Become a Supporter of the Climate Stick, get Climate Sticks and use the Donate page.

Step 2. Develop your own Climate Story

  • Choose to use the Climate Stick as part of developing your own climate story. See Simple Climate Stick Facts (Green Up) and other pages of this website.
  • You already know a lot about Climate Change but you probably don’t have it organized so that you can comfortably discuss the details. The Sustainability Stool was created to help you sort it out. Choose one or two aspects of Climate Change that are of interest to you and create a story that puts the science of the Climate Stick with your personal concerns. Practice it so you can comfortably tell it to people. (Leg one of the Sustainability Stool).
  • Know that there is research that says there is a great need for stories from regular people “who might not be fluent speakers or skilled orators but can bring an authenticity and genuine sense of common ownership to the issue”. (That is probably you) Your climate story, told in your own words, builds the grassroots movement we need to end the burning of carbon.
  • Make a list of the things you have done to reduce your carbon footprint. Make a list of the things you are planning to do reduce your carbon footprint. Integrate these items into your Climate Story. This is the second leg of the Sustainability Stool.

Step 3. Continuing Actions to Build our Mass Movement

  • Tell your climate story whenever you get the chance. After a news story about how bad the latest science is, or when a huge event (strong storm, climate related bill is passed or defeated, devastating drought, etc.) happens. Or whenever someone asks about the Climate Stick you are wearing. Give Climate Sticks to those interested. Get them to go to the web-site and become a Supporter.
  • Visit City/County Commission meetings, open hearings and non-profit meetings and tell your Climate Story. Show your Climate Stick and give the Three Finger Salute.
  • Join or become more active in political groups, if you can, or non-profits if you cannot be political. Ask for time to tell your Climate Story and encourage others in the group to tell theirs. This is the third leg of the Sustainability Stool.

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